Know the leader in YOU !

An accurate method was available for measuring the circumference of the earth 2,000 years before the first systematic measures of human ability were developed.
  --Jum Nunnally, Psychometric Theory (1967)

Most developmental psychologists agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management. Rather, their internal "action logic" - how they interpret their surroundings and react when their power or safety is challenged. Relatively few leaders, however, try to understand their own action logic, and fewer still have explored the possibility of changing it, by reflecting upon their specific traits.

Leaders take action, and most importantly, they seek feedback to continuously improve their ability to lead. The analysis you will do using this psychometric test is an opportunity for you to learn more about your current leadership behavior as perceived by yourself and others. In this test, you will assimilate information from your past experiences to identify areas in which you would like to improve. You will then commit to implementing a plan to improve those leadership behaviors. To do this you will need to honestly assess your own leadership behaviors, complete this test and analyse the results that reflect your leadership style.