QuickSummary - Long complicated texts to short intelligent summaries

Tired of reading those long cases, business reports, research papers? Wonder if someone could quickly extract the most relevant contents of these long text pieces and create smart, crisp but meaningful summaries. Wait no longer, you have found just the right tool to do so!

The QuickSummary™ Tool has been designed using an intelligent WordSense algorithm which extracts the relevant portions out of news-reports, research papers, business cases and other such texts to create short but comprehensive summaries. The WordSense™ algorithm in simple words is a word-association-net based approach that filters out irrelevant portions (having less-weight) in favour of more relevant portions (having more weight). The result is an independent but linked list of sentences that summarize the input text.

How to use ...
  • Paste the text to be summarized in the space below.
  • Select the number of sentences desired in the summary
  • Click Create QuickSummary
Select number of sentences: